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Few comments

There are very few comments on uploaded content here compared to other video sites. Or is it just that this community is so much smaller than for instance xHamster?

Most users here doesn't even bother getting there own avatar.

What's you take on this?

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bananarama - 1154 days ago

Also, there's probably a snowball effect of having so few posters... when not many people are commenting, it feels pretty dumb to be the only one who does post a comment.

-not having a thread subscription option also makes following posts you've commented on very difficult. So there's that as well.

bananarama - 1154 days ago

Good question... I think a big part of it is how small the community is. The main site doesn't have an easy "sign up here" link, so probably not many figure out how to even get here.

taita - 1166 days ago

I guess most people like to just watch :P I try to comment as much as i can. But this community is definitely alot smaller than xhamster.. which suits me fine :)