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Hey all,
as some of you probably know, my previous sites and were hijacked and stolen by some fucking internet thugs..... and it seems that site will die in a few months because they have no idea how to run good website........
After a couple of months I have decided to put all my effort and skills into this project ( ) which is my another site I managed for almost two years, it should be the same niche as was.
Those bastards didnt steal whole database of so thats why 90% of all videos are not working at and at as well..... I have all videos backuped ( more than 10 thousands ) and all will be uploaded here or directly to
Enjoy your stay!

CIM against Facial
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I'm french, so please excuse the lot of faults I'm gonna write, english is not my maternal language.

Personnaly, I am not really excited by facial cumshots. I find that cum in mouth (and cum swallowing) is really mot exciting. It's better during a blowjob because it keeps contact with mouth during the best moment of fellatio, and also I find it more exciting because it's harder for the girl, don't you think ? To wipe cum on the face is easy, but to swallow can be discusting.

So I was often a little bit frustrated because 90% of porn movies shoot a facial cumshot at the end. But I'm really happy to have found this website, where CIM and cum swallowing are celebtrated !

Ladies and gentlemen, what do you prefer ? (in life AND in (amateur) porn movies) Facial cumshot or CIM ?


Who is this "italian wife" ?
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Not her name, but what is her story ?

Amateur ? Ex girlfriend ?

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I think we should all start commenting more on vids we watch and like. easy way to encourage users to post more

Where do all those videos come from ?
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My question means two questions :

- Where do the uploaders find them ? I visit a lot of amateur websites like this one, and Amateurcumshots has got many videos on exclusivity.
So congratulations.
But I ask myself where the uploaders find them ?

- Do you think they are stolen videos ? (stolen computers, stolen phones)
Or revenge against ex girlfriends ? Or the ladys agree ?

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For Original HQ files visit my blog

rate my ex please
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Des français ici ?
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Manifestez-vous ! Moi je suis un mec, français bien sûr.

Few comments
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There are very few comments on uploaded content here compared to other video sites. Or is it just that this community is so much smaller than for instance xHamster?

Most users here doesn't even bother getting there own avatar.

What's you take on this?

Who is this girl?
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There are at least 3 videos of this girl floating around on this site. I found two of them for your viewing pleasure. Would REALLY like to know who this girl is and if she has a larger body of work :)

Can anyone help?