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Ladies, your first time receiving a facial.
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Ladies, your first time experience receiving a cumshot facial from a man.

1. How old was you when you received your first facial?
2. What made you want to receive a facial?
3. Did you receive a massive facial for your first time?
4. How did you feel after when you received your first facial?
5. Anything about your first time that you would love to ad? (If so, please give details)

Thoughts of men giving facials to women.
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Guys, what’s on your mind BEFORE, DURING, and AFTER you give a cumshot facial to a woman?

Thoughts of women receiving facials from men.
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Ladies, what’s on your mind BEFORE, DURING, and AFTER you receive a cumshot facial from a man?

Proper Facial Etiquette
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Step 1: Aim for the tongue. When a young girl her has her mouth open and you aim for her forehead, you're an idiot. I'm looking at you Casting Couch X.

Step 2: If you're still coming after hitting her tongue, aim for the face. I prefer hitting one eye and then the other.

Step 3: Keep filming. I have no idea why every single fool thinks it's a good idea to turn the camera off the moment they're done jizzing. It's like going to a fireworks show and leaving at the start of the finale. The girls reaction to the cum is the best part. Is she going to swallow? Is she super grossed out? This is why we are all here. Stop being such a pussy and bailing the moment after the cumshot.

Step 4 (optional): Put your dick back in her mouth, or my personal favorite,- push some of that cum back into her mouth with your dick. Somehow women become the most in-tune cock suckers the moment after the cumshot's over.

But remember, facials suck anyways, you should only be jizzing in her mouth to begin with. And also, be nice. It's not wise to bite the hand that makes you jizz.

Who is this girl?
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Found quite a few videos of her, but no source, anyone know?

nerdy coworker blowjob
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So my recent video was with a girl that I work with. She had recently broke up with her boyfriend so we were both single at the time so needless to say we had a little fun with it. She is actually a shy girl but she gives some of the best head I've ever had. She would come over to the house and was used to seeing laundry on my bed and/or floor so I used that to my advantage and hid my phone in a pile of clothes on my bed just before our "encounter" and she never saw it! That's what I love about this video because you see her how she naturally pleases my cock without trying to worry/impress the camera.

Few comments
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There are very few comments on uploaded content here compared to other video sites. Or is it just that this community is so much smaller than for instance xHamster?

Most users here doesn't even bother getting there own avatar.

What's you take on this?

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I think we should all start commenting more on vids we watch and like. easy way to encourage users to post more

Tributes Wanted
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Fun in the office
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We were having some work done in the house so there were workmen all over the place. In fact, their arrival that morning disrupted the Mrs. and I mid-fuck. I let the workmen in and went into my office across the hall to work and she went to the gym.
When she got back she came into the office and asked “I bet you’d like it if I sucked your cock while the workmen are here?”
I didn’t need to answer. She walked to the door, peaked out at the men working across the hall and closed it. She slowly walked to my chair and got on her knees and started rubbing my cock. There was going to be nothing subtle about this. She hungrily pulled out my dick and started sucking, all the while we could hear the workers from the other room.
She looked up at me with a mischievous glint in her eye as she sucked and licked my cock and balls. “I want your cum” she purred as I got closer and she took my cock deep as I emptied my cum into her mouth. She showed me her mouth with my full load and swallowed, going to back down to suck my shaft a few more times.
She then got up and left the room with a parting smile.