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Fun in the office
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We were having some work done in the house so there were workmen all over the place. In fact, their arrival that morning disrupted the Mrs. and I mid-fuck. I let the workmen in and went into my office across the hall to work and she went to the gym.
When she got back she came into the office and asked “I bet you’d like it if I sucked your cock while the workmen are here?”
I didn’t need to answer. She walked to the door, peaked out at the men working across the hall and closed it. She slowly walked to my chair and got on her knees and started rubbing my cock. There was going to be nothing subtle about this. She hungrily pulled out my dick and started sucking, all the while we could hear the workers from the other room.
She looked up at me with a mischievous glint in her eye as she sucked and licked my cock and balls. “I want your cum” she purred as I got closer and she took my cock deep as I emptied my cum into her mouth. She showed me her mouth with my full load and swallowed, going to back down to suck my shaft a few more times.
She then got up and left the room with a parting smile.

Where do all those videos come from ?
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My question means two questions :

- Where do the uploaders find them ? I visit a lot of amateur websites like this one, and Amateurcumshots has got many videos on exclusivity.
So congratulations.
But I ask myself where the uploaders find them ?

- Do you think they are stolen videos ? (stolen computers, stolen phones)
Or revenge against ex girlfriends ? Or the ladys agree ?

Any girls/women here ?
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If so, present yourself please. What do you like in this website ?

Hello People!
I know this couple in the video, because we went to the same school ;) I want to ask if she swallows his cum at the end of the video or not??
In fact, he moans pretty often and loud, but I´m not really sure if she does?? Its kinda hard to tell...

Can you tell me please? DOES SHE SWALLOW HIS CUM OR NOT??


A little fun in public
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(Mrs. S) So we were in Florida visiting some folks with the kids, a nice getaway from the winter. Their place was nice but Mr. S and I didn't really have any true privacy.

One morning we decided to go out for a walk so I could get some coffee. There was a Starbucks inside the local Target which was about a mile away. When we arrived at the store, the back end of the parking lot was practically empty. As we made our way forward I headed straight for one of the cart return racks. I grabbed Mr. S by the hand and pulled him behind the cart rack.

(Mr. S) She grabbed my hand and pulled me over. She gave me the biggest wicked smile she could and sank quickly to her knees with her back against the cart rack. “Really?”, I asked and she nodded. I whipped out my cock and my cell phone and let her get to work. I could see some store employees in front of the store a few hundred feet away and customer going to and from their cars even closer.
It was incredible getting blown outside, in a public parking lot in the middle of the morning. I kept switching my view from her hot lips wrapped around my cock, and her tongue flicking over its head, to the people going about their business without any idea of what we were up to nearby. When I told her I was close, she paused, and with my dick still in her mouth told me to cum on her face. I unleashed a modest amount into her mouth which she lapped up greedily, while other spurts coated her chin.
(Mrs. S) I really couldn’t believe that I just sucked my hubby off in the parking lot. His cum was still dripping down my chin when I started walking to the store. It turned me on so much to walk brazenly past these people.
Once at the Starbucks, I decided the thrill had been enough. I wasn’t brave or brazen enough to order from the barrista with a big dollop of cum on my chin. Mr. S and I shared a knowing smile as I went to order my coffee.

Somebody knows the names of those chicks ?
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It seems not to be an amateur movie. But it's great and I'd like to watch the end

Judy Wolf Hot legs
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About Me: I love to show men all that I have but sometimes I only give them a glimpse. I love to feel men's hands going up and down my legs under my skirt and rubbing my smooth white thighs above my stocking tops Many of them are surprised to find that I don't wear any panties most of the time. I am a 51 year old female who loves to wear nylons and high heels especially in public. I like to dress up and show a lot of leg in public. I often flash men (especially fat men) and love to see them get a hard on when I show my stocking tops or even the little higher things to them. I love to have men strip my dress off and caress my long nyloned legs
I love to have men look and touch my long sexy legs and then spread them open and work me with their tongues

i would love to have you visit me at my other site at:

Dirty mature slut cum loving wife
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This is a dirty mature slut videos.She is a real mature slut that like making,bj,facial and like cum swallowing..

see that slut...


Sign Up Form
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Heya Folks!
Because a ton of fake signups and spam I've disabled the signup form.
If you want to create an account, please submit a ticket via Support / Feedback button.
Let me know what username and password you want and I will create an account for you!

rate my ex please
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