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Proper Facial Etiquette
Views: 1080 · Added: 1506 days ago

Step 1: Aim for the tongue. When a young girl her has her mouth open and you aim for her forehead, you're an idiot. I'm looking at you Casting Couch X.

Step 2: If you're still coming after hitting her tongue, aim for the face. I prefer hitting one eye and then the other.

Step 3: Keep filming. I have no idea why every single fool thinks it's a good idea to turn the camera off the moment they're done jizzing. It's like going to a fireworks show and leaving at the start of the finale. The girls reaction to the cum is the best part. Is she going to swallow? Is she super grossed out? This is why we are all here. Stop being such a pussy and bailing the moment after the cumshot.

Step 4 (optional): Put your dick back in her mouth, or my personal favorite,- push some of that cum back into her mouth with your dick. Somehow women become the most in-tune cock suckers the moment after the cumshot's over.

But remember, facials suck anyways, you should only be jizzing in her mouth to begin with. And also, be nice. It's not wise to bite the hand that makes you jizz.